as latest innovation of hair care product

” You can see the results from the first use”

Phaiphannarat Marketing Company Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of hair care products since 2003.
By Dr. Phongphan Phaiphannarat, the President of the company, under the concept “Good standard product for sustainable Thai society is Go Hair’s goal”. The Company have done research and developed hair care products coupled with the use of innovation and social responsibility in order to produce high quality product that meet customer’s need to fix hair problems effectively. With past experiences as well as various research and development, all the products of Phaiphannarat Marketing Company under the brand “Go Hair” has been widely recognized by customers both at home and abroad. We promise to continue the development of product dynamically to meet the demand for high quality hair care products in order to create customer’s confidence in “Go Hair” as latest innovation of hair care product.